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Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY) - Government of India
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More about Six AIIMS

Under the PMSSY scheme six AIIMS-like institutions, one each in the States of Bihar (Patna), Chhattisgarh (Raipur), Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal), Orissa (Bhubaneswar), Rajasthan (Jodhpur) and Uttaranchal (Rishikesh), have been setup. Approved cost of each new AIIMS in first phase was 820 crores. Rs. 620 crores towards cost of construction and Rs. 200 crores for procurement of Medical Equipment and modular Operation Theatres.

A. Major Facilities at six AIIMS

The major facilities that is to be made available in each AIIMS in a phased manner are as follows:

a) Hospital with total bed strength of 960 beds with specialty/super specialty departments

i) 500 beds – Hospital with 18 Specialty disciplines
ii) 300 beds – 15 Super Specialty disciplines
iii) 100 beds – ICU/Accident Trauma
iv) 30 beds – AYUSH
v) 30 beds – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PMR)

b)Basic Science Departments – 6 Nos.

i) Anatomy
ii) Physiology
iii) Biochemistry
iv) Pharmacology
v) Community Medicine
vi) Forensic Medicine

c)Other Departments

i) PMR Department
ii) AYUSH facilities

d)Specialty and Super Specialty Departments

The following specialty/ super specialty treatment facility and medical education will be made available in functional six AIIMS Institutes.


Specialty Departments – 18 Nos. Super-Specialty Departments-15 Nos.
i) General Medicine (including Tropical & Infectious diseases) i) Cardiology
ii) General Surgery ii) Cardio-thoracic & Vascular Surgery
iii) Obstetrics & Gynecology iii) Gastroenterology
iii) Obstetrics & Gynecology iii) Gastroenterology
iv) Orthopedics iv) Surgical Gastroenterology
v) Pediatrics v) Nephrology (with dialysis)
vi) Dermatology vi) Urology (and Renal Transplantation)
vii) Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) vii) Neurology
viii) Ophthalmology viii) Neurosurgery
ix) Trauma & Emergency ix) Medical Oncology/Hematology
x) Pathology with Laboratory Medicine x) Surgical Oncology
xi) Microbiology xi) Endocrinology & Metabolic Diseases
xii) Radio-Diagnosis xii) Nuclear Medicine
xiii) Radio Therapy xiii) Pediatric Surgery
xiv) Anesthesiology xiv) Burns & Plastic Surgery
xv) Transfusion Medicine & Blood xv) Pulmonary Medicine & Critical Care
xvi) Psychiatry  
xvii) Neonatology  

B. Current status of six AIIMS

Legislative Position
AIIMS Amendment Act, 2012 has been enacted amending the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Act, 1956 to provide autonomous status to the six AIIMS. The societies formed earlier have been incorporated as corresponding Institute. Institute Body for each new AIIMS has also been constituted in July, 2013. Besides, Governing Body, Standing Finance Committee and Academic Committee for six new AIIMS have also been constituted.

Status of operation

Medical College and Nursing Colleges at all six AIIMS have started functioning from September, 2012 and September, 2013 respectively. OPD facilities have also become functional at all six AIIMS. Besides, IPD have also become operational with partial bed capacities at new AIIMS.

Regular MBBS batches started since 2012 in all six new AIIMS with a batch of 50 students and currently has a batch size of 100 students. Regular Nursing Courses started since in all six new AIIMS in 2013 with a batch size of 60 students.
IPD, OPD OT Services in all six new AIIMS are functional

Status of manpower recruitment:

Creation of posts: 4089 posts of various categories including faculty and nursing have been created for each of the six AIIMS. Recruitment to various positions is being made in phased manners on need basis keeping in view the requirement as new services/facilities are planned.

Present sanctioned manpower:

AIIMS Sanctioned Non-faculty posts Sanctioned Faculty posts
Bhopal 3776 305
Bhubaneswar 3776 305
Jodhpur 3776 305
Patna 3776 305
Raipur 3776 305
Rishikesh 3776 305

The various posts are filled up in phased manner on need basis as additional services are rolled out.The recruitment rules for non faculty posts have been finalized by the Ministry and advised to six new AIIMS.